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Teaming with the Business Executives of our Clients

Client 8


Point consultancy allows clients to take advantage of specific Woodcote skills to review and refine areas of their business and leverage our experience.  Our subject matter expertise in strategy, marketing, product development, business operations, program management and sourcing can be leveraged through single point consultants, setting aside time on a week to week basis.

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Project teams are the most traditional form to deliver projects. Woodcote project teams are tailored for each engagement to ensure the correct balance of skills, delivery strategy and management are present to ensure successful on time and on budget delivery. Woodcote will either take end to end responsibility (turnkey) typically on a fixed price basis, operate as a project sub-team as part of your team on a fixed weekly fee or on a time and material project basis.

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As businesses grow in volume and enter new competence areas, the urgent need for qualified employees can often overtake a company's ability to budget and hire the right people.  The depth and breadth of Woodcote's domain expertise allows Woodcote to support clients by providing consultants to fill specific roles for a variety of durations.  Our ability to provide skilled staff more senior than the target position immediately allows clients flexibility in defining permanent roles and provides breathing room to make the right hiring decisions without the added anxiety that new growth can often introduce.

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Woodcote Management Associates can help clients achieve goals of cost savings, staffing and improved performance for a variety of business-as-usual operational services.  These execution services embed transformation and operation of key domain expertise including local or offshore development, telecom expense management, continuous sourcing, and PMO/VMO services.

How We Work: Clients
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