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We work with a small number of partners in order to bring the best solutions to our clients.



Acommence Advisors, Inc., a technology industry consultancy focused on business acceleration and market velocity for start-up and mature organizations.  With deep roots in the Mobile, IoT, Network, Communications and Systems Integration arenas, Acommence Advisors is focused on Sales, Strategy, Research and Analysis, Innovation and Ideation, Business Development and Strategic Alliance growth and support driving business acceleration and velocity. The firm’s foremost goals are helping organizations and businesses develop strategic plans around utilization, ROI and TCO calculations, revenue generation, sales rationalization and deployment strategies with services including; revenue generation and sales strategy, market analysis, organizational and product design and ideation, systems provisioning, cost containment, program construction, deployment and operation plans to introduce Social, Mobility, IT, Communication platforms that forward the organization’s business mission and value proposition.  



Zydeco Media helps businesses address online marketing opportunities including branding, website design, SEO, PPC, and location aware mobile advertising. In partnership with Woodcote, we apply consulting methodology to today's digital marketing and customer experience initiatives. At the confluence of marketing, advertising and technology, Zydeco Media, delivers return on investment.

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