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Woodcote takes you right to the Heart of the Matter

Woodcote Management Associates is an execution focused management consulting firm that brings together strategy and operations to deliver lasting results in our target industries and small businesses.

Our expertise is derived from our Managing Partners, Associates and Business Partners - a significant global network of consulting and industry professionals who are recognized experts in their fields.  Our team extends to the USA, UK, most countries in Western Europe and to Australia and India.

Our view is that it is impossible in the Digital Age to have separate conversations about business and technology strategy, even more so in our target industries, so each of our Solutions focuses on digital business as a matter of course - it has move from being disruptive to business to being a part of it.  Everything is cloud first and mobile first, improved and empowered through analytics, and bringing social constructs to every step in the execution.

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Set the Course

Strategy in the Digital Age is a conversation pervaded by technology.  Many products and services are now 100% technical in nature, often etheric.  Many products have been turned into services by the addition of the time component.  Traditional product companies have been able to reach target customer and geographic markets not possible without Digital.  Supply chains have become global and more risky.  Often we hear the words "we must build in resilience" to external shocks that would historically have been reserved for global multi-nationals, but is now the norm.  And of course, without a Digital Strategy, companies are simply unable to attract and retain the right kind of talent for execution.

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